Life-Legacy Services also offers personal concierge services:

  • Assistance with personal computers and mobile devices, including the organization, backup, and storage of precious family pictures and other data .
  • Life and Health insurance
  • Personal Health and fitness coaching
  • Estate planning documents and data organization to help facilitate the easier administration of your estate
  • Assistance finding custodial care nurses and facilities for family members
  • Home Management and Maintenance
  • Life Coaching and Professional Career Development using our Accountability Coaching™ method

Accountability Coaching™

Accountability Coaching keeps YOU focused on the priorities you have set forth. It has the added benefit of decreasing your stress and helping you enhance the balance in your life. Our coaching process maximizes results through:

  1. Goal-alignment and defining success
  2. Intentional action
  3. Empowerment
  4. Accountability


“BSB truly impacted my career as well as my personal growth within (the company).”
- Director, Financial Services Firm on Leadership Training and Coaching

“BSB was a great blessing to me today. I’m energized and hopeful. And highly confident in the plan and my working it.”
- Owner, Financial Services Firm on Coaching

Life-Legacy Services will find an expert who can help you with the particular issue or challenge and monitor and manage as needed. Life is too short to manage everything by yourself. We recommend only licensed, bondend, and qualified people to assist you with the projects that you need help with.