In your last  few moments of life, what do you wish had been said to those you care about. We help you record that message, so your loved ones, business partners, and even the greater human community can be inspired by your story.  Your story and your dreams do not need to be lost because of your death.Your legacy message can inspire generations.



Through the creation and maintainance of the Family Legacy Video message:

  • You memorialize your message to your family, friends, and colleagues through creation of a family legacy video.
  • After death, you still share your messages of love, appreciation, and advice to those you care about.

  • In your final moments of life, you will know that what you wanted to have said has been said and will be delivered; no regrets.

  • For spouse, children, and other loved ones, you give the gift of your inspiring voice. We know that during the  time of mourning and beyond; spouses, kids, and friends wish they could continue to hear your voice and your words of love, appreciation, advice, and encouragement.  They want to hear your favorite stories told in your own voice. 

  • Often after death of the founder of a family business, the business can seem rudderless.  Through the recording and for greater posterity, the founder can help the business prepare for the future leadership while remembering its roots and goals. The recorded message can help inspire the family, avoid fights, and maintain and grow the family business and financial legacy.


Our service allows you to live on for generations through inspiring messages to spouses, kids, and beyond; because your message was pre-planned 


Benefits of working with our trained consultants:

  1. We help you plan, develop, and gift the message of love, appreciation, and advice to those you leave behind. WE are your coach making sure that the family legacy message gets done and is safeguarded for future presentation.

  2. We help you memorialize the conversations, events, and feelings that were valued in life and become priceless after death to those you leave behind.

  3. These are the conversations that reflect your love, appreciation, advice and life's meaning that you want to personally share.

  4. We are referred by attorneys, trustees, counselors, and financial advisors to work directly with clients to help them craft the legacy message they want to leave behind.

  5. Our service is a service that an individual can do on their own, but rarely does. Our recordings of your messages of appreciation, love, and advice can bring you great peace of mind in your daily life and greater peace of mind, near your time of death, knowing it is done.

  6. We help you craft your message through an in-depth discovery process, then deliver that message through the media of choice, and archive the message through a variety of methods for those you leave behind.  

Life-Legacy Services 

Message For A Lifetime™